Alan Archer

Alan’s broadcast weather forecasting career began at the local NBC affiliate WFLA TV 8 in Tampa, Florida in 1974. Alan says these were character building years when computers were basically nonexistent in the weather office and he received all raw meteorological forecast guidance via facsimile machine from the National Weather Service.

It was a matter of analyzing and drawing weather maps by hand for display on camera and the crude use of black and white satellite and radar images.

Alan founded his weather consulting and forecasting company, Continental Weather Corporation in 1979, headquartered in the beautiful suburban Tampa Bay, Fl. area. He provides highly accurate and detailed weather forecasts from his state of the art weather forecasting facility with a personal customized approach.

Alan forecasts weather across the country and around the globe for many satisfied customers, receiving timely weather consulting information and forecasts in the AM/FM radio, TV broadcasting industry and many areas of private industry and government.