News Update for 4/2/20

Highlands County’s numbers for residents testing positive for the coronavirus continue to increase. Now 21 people have been confirmed here. Of those, 12 are men and 9 are women. Five have been hospitalized and there’s one death locally. Apparently five are from Sebring, five from Lake Placid, four from Avon Park, two from the Venus

News Update for 4/1/20

As more tests continue to come in, Highlands County’s numbers of the coronavirus inch up. There now are 17 confirmed cases here, however, only four of them are said to be in a hospital. The latest reports show they are between the ages of 23 and 82 with 10 men and seven women affected. At


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has issued an executive Stay At Home order for the Sunshine State in the wake of the Coronavirus. It officially takes effect tomorrow night at midnight. Essentially, it means non-essential businesses should close and all non-essential activities should cease. Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say there is NO CURFEW in effect for

News Update for 3/31/20

As testing for the coronavirus continues here, Highlands County’s numbers continue to inch up. Currently there are 14 confirmed cases locally. The ratio remains even between men and women at seven each. There now are three hospitalizations – still only one fatality. Neighbors Hardee and Okeechobee still stand a zero cases, Desoto at 7, while

News Update for 3/30/20

Like most of Florida, as more tests are administered, Highlands County’s positive numbers for the Coronavirus continue to grow. The total here stands now at 12. There are six men and six women, two hospitalizations and one death. Meanwhile, there are zero cases in Hardee and in Okeechobee counties, Desoto has seven and Polk has

News Update for 3/26/20

Highlands County Health officials say Highlands County has registered a fifth positive case of the coronavirus here. Apparently it is a woman making the total here four women and one man. The age range spans from 39 to 78, Three are travel-related, two are not. So far across the Sunshine State, 27,539 tests have been

News Update for 3/25/20

Local health officials are indicating there may be a spike in Corona virus cases as testing increases and results are returning. Nevertheless, here in Highlands County, that number remains at four confirmed cases of the disease. Still, there is no indication as to where they are located in county or the severity of the infections.

News Update for 3/24/20

As testing continues, Highlands County now has jumped to four confirmed cases of the Corona virus. Reportdly the demographics indicate the cases are one male and three females. There is no indication as to where they are located in county or the severity of the infections. Authorities remind citizens to continue to wash their hands

News Update for 3/23/20

After a weekend snafu indicating a false positive – Highlands County has joined many others across the Sunshine State in saying that we have a local case of the Corona Virus. Apparently, it is a 78-year-old woman. However, health officials have not released any information as to the whereabouts in the county nor the severity

News Update for 3/20/20

The Centers for Disease Control have updated their numbers for the Corona virus here in Florida. Highlands, Hardee, Desoto and Okeechobee counties still reportedly are free of any confirmed cases of the disease. Currently there are 432 cases confirmed in the Sunshine State with nine reported deaths. The city of Avon Park will hold a