Bill Handel

Bill Handel

Handel on the Law is a unique combination of useful legal advice, and outrageous Handel remarks. As Bill always says, he loves to inform callers that they literally “have absolutely no case.”

It didn’t take long for KFI to realize that this politically incorrect, buffet-loving, self-proclaimed “Latino Jew” had the tell – it – like – it – is attitude listeners were looking for. “Handel Yourself in the Morning” soon became one of the top morning shows in the market and “Handel on the Law” now broadcasts to a national audience.

Whether you’re talking about Big Brother, Big Business, Big Legal Problems, or Big Macs,
you’ll rarely find Bill without an opinion. His rapid-fire commentary gives listeners the information they crave in the way they crave It.

Bill Handel is an energetic, highly entertaining, yet intelligent alternative to pseudo-intellectual, boring, “blah, blah, blah” talk radio. For thousands of talk radio listeners, waking up just wouldn’t be the same without the National Radio Hall of Famer.

Weekends 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Eastern