Local News Headlines 11-26-20

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re cooking that southern delicacy and frying your turkey today, your local firefighters want to remind you to enjoy – but be careful! When using a turkey fryer outdoors, never use it on a wooden deck or in a garage. Make sure the fryer is used on a flat surface to reduce tipping.

And if you’re new to the art – never fry a frozen turkey, which can cause the hot oil to boil over, potentially leading to injury and fires. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed before frying. And let us know when it’s ready.

The tradition of a community Thanksgiving dinner for the alone and less fortunate has taken a hit this year during the pandemic caution. Matter of fact, we only know of one place serving such a dinner today – the New Testament Church and Mission in downtown Sebring. Serving runs from noon till 2pm there. Because of the pandemic concerns, the Salvation Army has foregone their annual feast. Avon Park’s Union Congregational Church is doing their annual Thanksgiving feed as a pickup-only affair without inside seating – they expect 750 for their annual holiday meal for the less fortunate.

The old Nancessowee Hotel will soon be no more. Demolition crews have been working all week on the rear side of the building, where it’s mostly rubble at this point. Word is, daylight can be seen through the windows in the front of the building where the structure behind it has been collapsed. If progresss contuse as planned, the front will come down next week some time, and at that point street closures along North Ridgewood can be expected.

The Avon Park City Council is looking at what they’ll need to charge their residents in coming years to pay for needed infrastructure work on the city’s water system. The council heard a presentation this week from the Florida Rural Water Association on impact fees for the city to fund some of the needed upgrades. Mayor Garrett Anderson says he wants more information before coming down on any side of the issue – the Council will get a report from city staff at their next meeting.