Local News Headlines 4-14-23

There’s another phone scam going around town again. If you get a call saying there’s a warrant out for you because you missed jury duty, the Clerk of Courts and Sheriff’s Departments want to remind you that they do NOT call you to tell you there’s a warrant out for you. That’s called giving you a head start and makes their job harder so they don’t do it. And they sure as heck aren’t going to ask you to pay them anything with a gift card. If you get one of those calls, just hang up.

The Atlantic hurricane season doesn’t start until June 1st but researchers at Colorado State University already have their predictions for this year. They are expecting 13 named storms this season. 6 of them are expected to develop into hurricanes, 2 of which could be serious. That’s slightly below average for a typical hurricane season.

If you ever need a hand at home from emergency personnel, it may help them help you if they know there are special needs in the house. If a member of your household has issues that might affect communications or mobility in an emergency, the County has established a voluntary registry to let them know ahead of time if there’s something they can prepare for to save critical time trying to help you in an emergency. The registry is totally voluntary – you can link to the Diverse Needs Registry via the post of the County Sheriff’s or County Commission Facebook pages, or call 402-7600.

Jail time is boring. And when inmates keep their brains busy they’re less tempted to cause trouble. If you have some paperback books that you aren’t going to read again, consider donating them to the County jail for the inmate book cart. You can drop them off at 338 S. Orange St. in Sebring. They must be paperbacks, not hardcovers.