Local News Headlines 5-26-23

If you use Stryker Road heading across the northern part of the County, good news – it’s open again this morning. Crews completed the culvert work yesterday and Stryker is back open. That said, there IS still sod and driveway work being done to finish the job, so care and caution is in order. And, MORE good news – Hammock Road is open as well today. The drainage project that had the road shut down the second half of this month roughly from the YMCA to Brunns Road was completed a day or so early yesterday and that road’s also open.

Warning – the phone scammers are back at it. Folks are getting phone calls again from persons claiming to be from the Sherriff’s office demanding money for supposedly missing a court date you probably didn’t know about. Because – well, there wasn’t one. Law Enforcement wants to remind you – again – that they won’t call you if there’s a warrant out on you. They’ve learned it works much better when they surprise you in person.

School’s officially OUT in Highlands County … the three public high schools hold graduation ceremonies this weekend, beginning tonight, and that means the munchkins are now out playing during the times of day you’re USED to having them cooped up in school. Add a little extra caution while driving – you aren’t used to having them out and about during the day, and they aren’t used to watching out for you.

Avon Park’s made another change in their Human Resources Department. The City announced tis week that Denise Koger has accepted the job directing that department. The City HAD hired Shery Begnall for the job earlier this month but she resigned after one day at the helm. Koger’s first day on the job will be a week from Monday.

You too, could drive a fire truck. Highlands County is looking for firefighters. Highlands County Fire Rescue says they’re looking to place new paid and volunteer firefighters in jobs ranging from driving the trucks to cleaning the fire houses. Interested? Call Fire Rescue at 402-7600, or drop by your nearest local fire station for information.