Local News Headlines 9-3-21

Labor Day weekend is upon us – the County’s trash hauler says regular pickups will happen on regular days next week for homes served by the County’s trash service. The landfill will also be open on Labor Day, although most other government services will be closed for the holiday.

The Sebring Downtown CRA is pressing forward in its quest to revitalize the downtown Lake Jackson waterfront area. One of the questions raised by attendees at the public showings of possible plans was the fate of the Jack Stroup Civic Center, included in none of the projected alternatives. The CRA Board has turned its eyes toward the former Barnett Bank Building – now an indoor flea market and antique mall – as a possible purchase to replace the Civic Center. Structural engineers are being retained to look at the building to confirm it’s capable of being fitted out as a Civic Center, and the property owner has been contacted although no plans or proposals have been advanced yet.

If you like construction season, this is your Super Bowl if you’re a regular on Highway 27 almost anywhere in Highlands County. The monthly Florida Department of Transportation road projects report lists not less than seven roadwork projects due to be at some point of progress during the month of September. Projects range from resurfacing work between Highway 66 and the south entrance to the Sebring Parkway, to driveway work just north of the new Wawa at Valerie Boulevard. Take heart – lots of the bigger projects will be done at night, but still, keep an eye out almost anywhere, because there’s a good chance you’ll be in a construction zone or coming up on one.

Local hospital admission reports yesterday showed 156 patients being treated for Covid-19 cases severe enough for inpatient treatment. Of the 156 inpatient admissions, 139 – or 89% – had not been vaccinated against the virus. The Florida Department of Health is distributing the Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody Therapy treatments statewide; here in Highlands County, they’re listed as being available at both Advent Health facilities. Regeneron has been authorized for emergency use by the FDA and is intended for use in early stages of the Covid-19 illness.