News 5/5 to 4/17


The Liqui-Moly Pro Watercross National Tour will kick off their 2023 racing season in Sebring tomorrow. The jet-skis and personal watercraft will be running at 85 miles-per-hour or better on a liquid track set out in Lake Jackson.
Competitors will be using Veterans Beach Park for the event, which gets underway tomorrow in earnest with practice and qualifying starting at 9am.
Team haulers and watercraft already have started arriving for the competition, which will run tomorrow and Sunday. It’s being filmed for broadcast on CBS Sports.
Those interested can view the competition at no charge.

NEWS 5/5/23 BF

A camper reportedly was destroyed in the Tanglewood community west of Sebring yesterday when a refrigerator malfunctioned. Reportedly the camper was fully involved in flames when West Sebring firefighters arrived at Wilderness Circle.
There were no injuries in the incident.

NEWS 5/5/23 BF

Avon Park city council members will get together tonight for a special meeting. At issue is the Airport Investment Partnership Program grant, being sought by the City of Charm and the Florida Airport Management Group – who have been chosen to oversee the operations at the Avon Park facility.

NEWS 5/4/23 BF

It’s the first Thursday of May, and that means it’s the observance of the National Day of Prayer.
For those who missed this morning’s observance, the Hardee County Ministerial Association will have a ceremony this evening at 6pm in Heritage Park in Wauchula.
The City of Frostproof also will hold a Community Observance of the National Day of Prayer – that will be conducted at the Frostproof City Hall. It’s also at 6pm.
For the 29th year, there were observances here outsid the Highlands County Courthouse. There was special music and remarks by local pastors and elected officials.

NEWS 5/4/23 BF

A man wanted in connection with a Lake Wales murder is dead. Al Joseph Stenson was shot by officers in Seminole County.
The 38-year-old Stenson was killed yesterday morning in Sanford after a six-hour standoff at the Slumberland Motel.
Stenson had been sought in the death his girlfriend and her three children Tuesday in Lake Wales.
Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma says SWAT team negotiators got Stenson to come out of his motel room, but as they were taking him into custody, he reached for a gun and was shot by four officers.
The victims have not been identified, but police say the woman is 40-years-old, and her children are 21, 17 and 11.

NEWS 5/4/23 BF

A pair of Frostproof correctional officers have been arrested in connection with an investigation into a hit & run incident. According to reports, officers 26-year-old Michael Granger and 29-year-old Leila Chaney were arrested as was Granger’s father, 63-year-old Michael Granger.
Apparently, the elder Granger was at the wheel of a car that flipped and rolled into an orange grove off South Lake Patrick Road.
The vehicle is co-owned by Chaney and the younger Granger. Chaney is charged with lying to officers about the accident. Both Chaney and the younger Granger work at the Avon Park Correctional Institution.

NEWS 5/4/23 BF

It’s the first Thursday of May, and that means it’s the observance of the National Day of Prayer. This will be the 29th ceremony to be held here in Highlands County. It will commence this morning at 11am on the East Lawn of the Highlands County Courthouse in downtown Sebring. There will be music and remarks by local pastors and elected officials.
The ceremony will run about a half hour. Residents may bring their own chairs, or use some of the seating already set up at the site.
Following the observance, the First Church in Sebring will hold a Prayer Luncheon. That will be held at the church home on Pine Street in Sebring. Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman will be the guest speaker there.
For those who miss this morning’s observance, the Hardee County Ministerial Association will have a ceremony this evening at 6pm in Heritage Park in Wauchula.
The City of Frostproof also will hold a Community Observance of the National Day of Prayer – that will be conducted at the Frostproof City Hall. It’s also at 6pm.

NEWS 5/3/23 BF

South Florida State College appears to have been the victim of a so-called swatting call yesterday. Authorities say they occured across the Sunshine State.
The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office received a call claiming there had been a shooting on the Highlands Campus.
SFSC’s college resource officer responded to the scene and determined that NO SHOOTING had occurred. Deputies also responded to the campus and cleared the scene.
SFSC was one of a number South Florida colleges and universities that got such calls. They also occured in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties. All the calls were found to be hoaxes.
No arrest has been announced, and it’s not clear if the calls are connected.

NEWS 5/3/23 BF

South Florida State College Trustees are slated to get together for a special meeting today. At issue there will be the selection of a new president, to replace outgoing chief Thomas Leitzel. He is slated to step down next month.
College officials had narrowed a short list to three candidates. However, according to reports, all of them now have pulled their resumes. It appears that Governor Ron Desantis’ office instead has contacted the school with a recommendation for the top post.
Trustees will discuss the issue at today’s session.

NEWS 5/2/23 BF

Highlands County commissioners took action on a couple of traffic issues when they met in regular session yesterday. They first approved a agreement to improve County Road 64 from South Angelo Lake to East Butler Road – that project will cost nearly $1.2 million dollars.
They also voted to widen the Catfish Creek Road bridge. That work is slated to cost nearly $400,000.
During a special break, commissioners dedicated the new centennial mural for the county. It’s now hanging in the foyer of the Government Center.

NEWS 5/3/23 BF

Lake Wales police say they have located a suspect in connection with a fatal shooting incident and are trying to take him into custody. 38-year-old Al Joseph Stenson is wanted on first degree murder counts in connection with the shooting death of a mother and her three children.
Apparently, two of the siblings are aduts. According to reports, the incident happened early yesterday morning at the Sunrise Apartements – but the bodies were not discovered until last night.
Victims names and other details have not yet been released.

NEWS 5/3/23 BF

It’s already pretty dry out there. Highlands and a number of surrounding counties enacted burn bans last month in response. Now, The National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Watch for today including Polk, Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Sumter, and Volusia counties.
Weather authorities say high winds and low relative humidity could spread fires rapidly. Outdoor burning is not recommended.
A brush fire in Lake Placid near Lake Apthorpe charred some 80 acres on Monday. No cause for that one has been released.

NEWS 5/3/23 BF

Four people are dead and a suspect is being sought after a shooting in Lake Wales.
Polk County Sheriff’s officials say it happened last night at the Sunrise Apartments.
A woman and her three kids reportedly were killed. Two of the siblings are adults, but the other is a minor. They have not been identified.
Deputies now are looking for 38-year-old Al Stenson.
Investigators believe he lives at the apartment, but there’s no word on what his connection is to the victims.

NEWS 5/2/23 BF

There were some scary moments around Lake Placid yesterday as a brush fire there charred more than 25 acres – threatening several homes in the area. A number were evacuated as firefighters worked to stop the flames. Units from Leisure Lakes, Placid Lakes, Sun ‘N Lake south and Lake Placid were joined by Florida Forestry crews in the effort.
The blaze now said to be 90-percent contained and Forestry crews will be out again later this morning to check on it. No injuries were reported. No cause for the fire has yet been released.
Despite recent rains, a burn ban remains in effect for Highlands County.

NEWS 5/2/23 BF

Highlands County commissioners this morning took action on a couple of traffic issues. They first approved a agreement to improve County Road 64 from South Angelo Lake to East Butler Road – that will cost nearly $1.2 million dollars.
They also voted to widen the Catfish Creek Road bridge Road. That will cost nearly $400,000.
During a special break, commissioners dedicated the new centennial mural, hanging in the foyer of the Government Center.

NEWS 5/2/23 BF

There’s a new scam that targets the relatives of alleged criminals. According to Highlands County Sheriff’s officials, when an arrest is made, the relatives of the arestee are contacted by somebody claiming to be a bail bondsman.
They’re not. After filling out paperwork and submitting a fee, the scammer runs off with the money and no bail is posted.
Apparently, one red flag is that scammers are using CashAp to get the money. Those dealing with the justice system are urged to only use only actual bail bondsmen for that service.
Local officials say it has not yet occured here in Highlands County – but residents need to be aware of the possibility.

NEWS 5/2/23 WR

The governor’s recent trip to Asia could pay big dividends for Polk County. While in South Korea last week, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a Memorandum of Understanding with LowCarbon Hydrogen Corporation.
The MoU calls for the company to build a hydrogen plant in Mulberry at Old Highway 37. It’s expected to make rocket fuel and employ 150 people at an average salary of 60-thousand dollars a year. A groundbreaking ceremony is set for next month. County Commissioner George Lindsey says it willadd to the local tax base, employment base, and a better quality of life.

NEWS 5/2/23 BF

Highlands County commissioners will take a break from their meeting at 10:00 this morning, to dedicatee the new centennial mural – recently hung in the foyer of the Highlands County Government Center.
Created by internationally-known artist Keith Goodson, it honors citrus & cattle, the racing and aviation history of the county as well as all three communities.
In other action, commissioners will recieve the annual comprehensive financial report for the county.

NEWS 5/1/23 BF

It appears the spring infestation of love bugs is getting started locally. Reports are coming in about seeing the initial blush of the bugs – flying united – this past weekend. It’s unclear how many will be around this time – and how long the season might last. However, dry weather may keep the population down.
Residents are reminded to keep the bug residue off their cars – as it may hurt the finish. Apparently, they are drawn by auto exhaust – so they will be around the roadways.

NEWS 5/1/23 BF

You may have seen an orange fireball in the sky last night. That was the Falcon Heavy rocket launched at Cape Canaveral by Space X.
The launch originally had been set for last Wednesday, but weather and other issues caused plans to change. It was carrying communications satellites to geostationary orbit.
Blastoff and watching the rocket could easily be seen from Highlands and Polk counties.

NEWS 5/1/23 BF

It should be a short meeting for Frostproof city council members this evening. The only agenda’d items are a lighting maintenece agreement and some wastewater treatment issues.
At a special meeting last week, the council got together to discuss the issuing of permits to park at Lake Clinch. That, in an effort to relieve overcrowding at the popular municipal beach there.

NEWS 5/1/23 WR

A man is custody after a shooting in Polk County. Three people, all males, including a minor, were hurt in Saturday night’s shooting in Auburndale at a home on Allred Drive.
Police have arrested Xavier Rakim Roberts. The 26-year-old is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
Authorities say an ongoing neighborhood feud led to the shooting.
One victim was an innocent bystander. One victim has been released from the hospital. The other two are still hospitalized but police say they’re in good condition.

NEWS 5/1/23 BF

There was a big birthday celebration yesterday at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula. Bubbles the Chimp has turned 40 years old. Bubbles might best be known as the former companion of the late "King of Pop" Michael Jackson.
Officials at the center say Bubbles got an "ape-healthy" birthday cake made with bannanas and blueberries. Bubbles has been a resident of the sanctuary since 2005.
In his retirement, Bubbles has become the dominant ape in his group, and enjoys painting.

NEWS 4/28/23 BF

A new report shows that when it comes to production – this area is at the bottom. The new analysis by Smartest Dollar found that the that out of all small US metro areas surveyed, the Avon Park-Sebring area has the lowest Gross Domestic Product per capita.
The local figure of $28,000 per resident is dwarfed by the national average of over $70,000 per person. The GDP is the value of all goods and services produced in an economy.
The survey showed that the personal income per capita here is over $41,000 while nationally it tops $64,000.

NEWS 4/28/23 BF

While Highlands County school officials look to fill dozens of teacher vacancies, local union officials are warning upper management of the low morale in the system. Highlands County Education Association representative Jean Frederico told the board and Superintendent of Schools Brenda Longshore, that there are teachers deciding not to return to the classroom because they feel "battered," and "nobody is listening."
Parent and local businessman Jesse Sapp had previously given a similar warning – noting the results of a recent teacher survey.

NEWS 4/28/23 BF

Heavy weather again rumbled through Highlands County overnight. Local law enforcement officials say they got calls from some frightened residents, however, other than some lawn furniture and other outside stuff being blown about – there were no injuries or serious damage reported.

Those who rely on a Polk County flea market for extra income are feeling the impact of a storm earlier this week.
Rain and hail fell Wednesday in Lake Wales at the Sunshine Flea Market. Some vendors say all their merchandise was destroyed.
The property owner says it could take a week or two before the market can reopen. One vendor is trying to be optimistic. She says they’re starting over from nothing, but with God’s help, they’ll be able to rebuild.

NEWS 4/27/23 BF

There was a traffic-related fatality outside Avon Park yesterday, however the details remain unclear. An eastbound van ran off Highway 17, into an orange grove, striking several trees.
It’s unknown if the driver, said to have been an elderly man, was killed by the impact – or might have had a medical episode prior to the crash.
Florida Highway Patrol officials have not yet released a report on the incident.

NEWS 4/27/23 BF

Another Blue-Green Algae alert for Highlands County. Local health officials say testing has discovered the toxic growth on the western shores of Lake Blue and at the Lake Apthorpe boat ramp.
Residents are cautioned not to use those waters for swimming, boating, or other sorts of recreational activities. They also advise to keep pets away from the area – and don’t drink it – or eat shellfish caught from those waters.

NEWS 3/27/23 bf

The city of Avon Park could be in line for a half-million dollar grant to repair the Lakeside Historical Cemetery. Hobe Sound consultant Matt Davis has been working on the project, but he says he’s hit a roadblock in finding out who owns the property.
Davis asked the city council for a quit claim deed, however, City Attorney Gerald Buhr balked – saying there’s no indication the city owns it – and they cannot give away somebody else’s land.
Buhr asked for a charter for the organization working on the project – in case the group dissolves.

Polk County is taking action after reporting an increase in mosquito-borne disease activity. The Florida Department of Health in Polk County announced this week that two horses tested positive for Eastern equine encephalitis, or Triple-E. This means the risk of transmission to people has increased.
Polk County Mosquito Control is spraying the area where the horses lived, and dozens of mosquito traps have been set.
Interim Manager Dr. Jackson Mosley said residents can help by eliminating breeding sites, like standing water, around their homes.

Florida is maintaining its position as the global leader in the new space economy. That’s what Governor DeSantis said yesterday during his visit to South Korea.
He signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a company called LowCarbon Hydrogen Corporation. The two will build a research hub in Polk County for clean hydrogen technology for aerospace and space industry launch applications.
DeSantis says this is a bold step toward promoting long-term development in the aerospace and space industry across the entire supply chain.

NEWS 4/26/23 BF

A bicyclist was injured in a hit & run accident west of Sebring yesterday. Apparently, the motorist did not stop. A van, driven by a 30-year-old Sebring man, reportedly clipped the bike from behind on Heron Street. The impact tossed the 16-year-old cyclist off the bike.
He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. According to witnesses, Florida Higway Patrol troopers later stopped a van on nearby Thunderbird Road. Troopers say the driver of the van was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident. He was taken to the Highlands County jail.

NEWS 4/26/23 BF

One person was killed and another seriously injured yesterday in a three-vehicle tangle in Hardee County. Florida Highway Patrol reports indicate a semi tractor-trailer rig was eastbound on State Road 62 near North County Road 663. The big rig went left of center and slammed into a sport utility vehicle.
The driver of the SUV, a 31-year-old Bowling Green man, was killed. The semi then ran into the parking lot of the Country Food & Beverage Store and hit a parked car.
The trucker reporedly was seriously injured. That accident remains under investigation.

NEWS 4/26/23 BF

Polk County Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the death of a jail inmate, who expired at AdventHealth Sebring. According to reports, 43-year-old Doreeto Martinez Castro was being held on counts of DUI-Manslaughter at the medical unit of the Polk County jail, in connection with an April 22nd fatal traffic crash.
Deputies say Martinez-Castro became unresponsive, and was taken to AdventHealth Sebring where he died. A subsequent examination found he’d expired from accident-related internal injuries.
Martinez-Castro was in the country illegally, and had been twice deported in the past.

NEWS 4/25/23 BF

In what was described as a largely ceremonial vote, Avon Park city council members last night approved the sale of the Brickel Building to Sauls Realty. The building, which had been vacant for decades, now houses a gym and the Sauls real estate office. reportedly, they still are looking for a vendor to start a coffee shop there.
The council also rolled back insurance requirements from a $5-million to a $1-million dollar policy for the Historical Society of Avon Park. That, for their use of the Depot Museum downtown.
Apparently, the higher policy figure was cost prohibitive for the group.

Students with developmental disabilities are finding jobs thanks to a program in Polk County.
Project SEARCH graduated its latest class yesterday at Lakeland Regional Health. Students were taught the skills they need to find work, and they were also given job placement assistance.
Nineteen-year-old Jacob Clemens is one of the graduates, and he’ll be starting work in the LRH operating room as a surgery clerk. He tells ABC Action News he’s extremely excited to start this new chapter.

NEWS 4/24/23 BF

It appears a long and tedious chapter of Avon Park may be over tonight, as city council members look at approving the sale of the Brickell Building. Sauls Real Estate made the original proposal on the structure back in February of last year, with a three-year build out agreement.
The Brickell now is slated to have a gym, a coffee shop and the Sauls Real Estate headquarters.
In other action this evening, the council will look at insurance requirements for the Historical Society of Avon Park for the Depot museum and will make plans for Independence Day.

NEWS 4/24/23 BF

Desoto City firefighters got called out over the weekend to extinguish a brush fire off State Road 66. Apparently, the blaze in a wooded area was sparked by a car fire.
So far, there’s no details on what may have caused the vehicle’s fuel cell to rupture. No injuries were reported and no structures apparently were threatened.

NEWS 4/24/23 BF

A Wauchula man was killed Saturday in a Hardee County traffic accident. Florida Highway Patrol reports indicate a sport utility vehicle driven by a Bowling Green woman hit a man that had gotten out of his disabled vehicle.
The car apparently had stopped in the road on Highway 17 near the intersection with Earnest Road.
The 28-year-old victim was dead at the scene. No charges have been filed. The incident remains under investigation.

NEWS 4/24/23 BF

Frostproof town council members will gather this evening for a workshop to discuss the possible implementation of a permit process for parking at Lake Clinch. The beachfront is a popular place – especially during the summer months. Council members say such a process could relieve parking problems there.

NEWS 24/23 BF

Highlands Beekeepers gathered over the weekend to assess their experiment to see how beer might be used to lure small hive beetles to their doom.
Apparently, things didn’t go well. All the traps were fully evaporated and half had not attracted a single beetle. Beekeepers say they will re-think their approachy and try a different variety of attractants.

NEWS 4/24/23 WR

A search is underway to find the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run in Polk County. Polk County sheriff’s officials announced yesterday a male bicyclist was killed Saturday after getting hit by a car near Winter Haven at SR 540 and Thornhill Road.
Deputies say a witness told them the car was a gray or dark-colored sedan. It may have damage on its front-end and a side window. Anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff’s office or Heartland Crime Stoppers Florida.

NEWS 4/21/23 BF

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say they again are being used in a local scam. The perpetrators are using the names of actual deputies, claiming residents have missed jury duty and now there is a warrant out for their arrest.
BUT, if you pay them – in gift cards or Bitcoin – the problem will go away. THIS IS A SCAM.
First of all, Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies rarely call anyone – rather, they stop by for a visit. Secondly, they NEVER ask for money.
Authorities say always check such claims with the Highlands County Clerk of Courts. And NEVER give out money or personal information.

NEWS 4/21/23 BF

Members of the Highlands Beekeepers this weekend will be checking on an experiment. The idea is to eliminate a common problem, with a different kind of bait. In order to deal with the issue of small hive beetles, the beekeepers will use beer to lure them to their doom.
Apparently, they will use five different varities to see which will work best. Most polled believe the beetles would enjoy a nice IPA brew.
This weekend, beekeepers will don their suits to see which beer is the most productive.
Small Hive Beetles can take over a hive in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks. Like a military invasion, they destroy the bees’ homes, plunder their goods, kill their loved ones, and force them to abandon their own hives.

NEWS 4/21/23 BF

Usually known for the Red Devils, Avon Park will be blue this weekend. That’s because the 12th Annual Rotary Bluegrass & Blueberry Festival will take over Donaldson Park tomorrow from 10-4. In addition to a wide variety of fresh blueberries and blueberry products, there will be arts & crafts vendors and plenty of music.
Headlining the show will be The Highway 41 band.

NEWS 4/21/23 BF

A state corrections officer is accused of threatening a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy. Polk Correctional Institution Sergeant Sean Teehan allegedly made the threat after being arrested for drunk driving.
The Dundee resident was arrested after crashing his car into a guardrail in Lake Wales.
The 31-year-old was taken to the hospital, and while he was being discharged, he allegedly told a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy ‘your time is coming,’ ‘I’ll see you on the inside,’ and ‘I work for the DOC.’ Teehan was then charged with threatening a public servant.

NEWS 4/20/23 BF

It appears that if there’s an emergency, people will know about it. An emergency alert test went out this morning over cell phones across the country shortly after 4:30. The early morning tone alert startled lots of people, and some have recieved the notification more than once.
However, this was only a test. Had it been an actual alert, information about the situation would have followed.

NEWS 4/20/23 BF

A student with a gun was found yesterday at the Avon Park High School. According to reports, school resource officers were following up on an off campus incident that apparently had involved some Red Devil high school students.
In the course of their investigation, deputies looked through a backpack belonging to Jaedon Xavier Webber. There, they found a 9mm handgun and two fully loaded magazines.
The 19-year-old student reportedly was comabtive with deputies and was arrested on counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and possession of a weapon on a school campus.
They say at no time were there any threats against the school itself.

NEWS 4/20/23 BF

A tough one for West Sebring and Highlands Lakes firefighters yesterday as they were called out to battle a muck fire. The blaze charred about five acres of property off Thompson Road – east of the community of Alpine – north of Avon Park.
So far, there’s no indication what caused the fire. No injuries were reported and no structures were damaged.

NEWS 4/20/23 BF

A new law in Polk County is designed to reduce traffic deaths. The county commission yesterday made it illegal for pedestrians to linger in a median or interact with people in cars.
Polk County Commission Chairman George Lindsey said the ordinance is intended to decrease the number of fatalities and injuries on roadways. Violations could lead to fines of between 25 and 500 dollars. A three-time offender could get up top 60 days in jail.
Highlands County has a measure prohibiting panhandling on Highway 27 or its feeder roads.

NEWS 4/19/23 BF

Highlands County commissioners yesterday discussed setting rules and fees for the operation of the concession stand at the Highlands County sports complex. Apparently, some residents have come forward, wanting to use the facility during certain events.
Efforts to get a vendor to operate the facility in the past have been largely unsuccessful – inasmuch as operators said it was unprofitable.
There will be different rates for profit and non-profit groups.

NEWS 4/19/23 BF

It appears that when it comes to credit card fraud, the Avon Park-Sebring metro area is pretty high on the list. A new Report by the firm "Upgraded Points" shows Highlands is 13th highest on a review of small metro areas in the United States.
The analysis found that there were 12.7-pecent credit card fraud reports per 10,000 residents here. That was up 104-percent over last year. The three year percentage was even worse, with nearly a 15-percent average of credit card fraud locally over the past three years.

NEWS 4/19/23 BF

Despite recent rains, Highlands County fire officials are warning residents this still is the dry season, and the chance for grassfires, brush fires and wildfires remains high. They recommend that residents take this opportunity to clean debris and flammable materials from their roofs and around their homes.
Authorities note that airborne embers from wildfires – and even controlled burns – can ignite fires in other places.
The five foot area around a house is known as the "fire ignition zone."
A burn ban remains in effect in Highlands County.

NEWS 4/19/23 BF

Highlands County commissioners and Sebring city council members are working on procedures that will help them know who is addressing them and will enable them to maintain decorum at the meetings. The actions apparently come in the wake of people who have addressed the respective boards and either refused to give their addresses

NEWS 4/18/23 BF

Highlands County Commissioners today confirmed Nicholas Sawyer as the new Deputy County Administrator and Chief of Staff under County Administrator Laurie Hurner.
Commissioner Kevin Roberts objected to the process, saying they were being asked to confirm an employee, who they had no part in selecting.
In other action, commissioners approved a pair of zoning requests, changing two different agricultural tracts to residential designations.

Help is coming to some Polk County residents who live in a food desert. The city of Lake Wales broke ground last week on a community garden near the James P. Austin Community Center. The food grown there will be handed out at local community centers, starting in August.
A specialist with the Community Redevelopment Authority said the closest grocery store is at least two miles away, and there’s no place closer where people can get fresh fruits and vegetables.

NEWS 4/18/23 BF

It looks like Highlands County is getting ready to ditch a bunch of their surplus equipment. County commissioners at their regular meeting this morning are expected to waive the two-step procedure and allow Insight Auctioneers to get the highest and best bid for the equipment.
Listed on the manifest are printers, scanners, monitors, file cabinets and laptops among other things.
In other action, commissioners will hold a couple of public hearing on zoning. One would convert 32-acres of property off Desoto City Road from an Agriculture zoning to Medium Density Residential another would convert almost 40-acres off Martin Luther King Boulevard nort of Sebring From Agriculture Zoning to a Mobile Home Park District.

NEWS 4/17/23 BF

Some heavy weather rumbled through Highlands County overnight. Despite numerous lightning strikes and some reports of hail, Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say there was no serious damage reported locally.

NEWS 4/17/23 BF

Members of the North American Society of Grass Racers and Sod Slingers spent the better part of the weekend dismantling the Mowerplex at the Avon
park airport.
NASGRASS racers and friends loaded up most of the infrastructure including buildings, lights, tire walls, fencing and the like, moving to their new location at the Florida Flywheelers.
The group said that municipal restrictions and requirements made it impossible to continue to race on what was a landfill at Avon Park’s airport. It had been the first, for-purpose lawnmower racing facility in the United States.

NEWS 4/17/23 BF

A new study by Safe Step shows that 21.5-percent of seniors in the Avon Park-Sebring metro area live alone, that is below the national average of 25.7-percent.
Locally, most of those living by themselves are women, which is 65-percent of the estimated 8,000 living solo here. That’s only slightly over the national average of 66-percent.
National census data was used for the study.

NEWS 4/17/23 BF

It looks like Highlands County is getting ready to ditch a bunch of their surplus equipment. County commissioners tomorrow at their regular meeting are expected to waive the two-step procedure and allow Insight Auctioneers to get the highest and best bid for the equipment.
Listed on the manifest are printers, scanners, monitors, file cabinets and laptops among other things.
In other action, commissioners will hold a couple of public hearing on zoning. One would convert 32-acres of property off Desoto City Road from an Agriculture zoning to Medium Density Residential another would convert almost 40-acres off Martin Luther King Boulevard nort of Sebring From Agriculture Zoning to a Mobile Home Park District.