News Headlines 7-5-2019

It’ll take an autopsy to be sure, but it looks like a pack of dogs is to blame for the death of Melvin Olds, Junior in Highway Park south of Lake Placid yesterday. Sheriff’s dispatch got a call just before noon from the woman who found the 45 year old’s body. Medical examiners were called and determined there were no other visible causes of death.

If you’ve got today off, enjoy it – just not too much. Members of the Sheriff’s Department are NOT taking it off, and in fact have a few more officers on the road through this weekend. It’s called operation “Knot Lit,” and they’re watching for impaired drivers and boaters. Be safe – be careful this weekend.

Highlands County Animal Control is running another animal auction. 11am this morning, they’ll have around 55 hens, 15 juvenile chickens at Animal Services, 7300 Haywood Taylor Boulevard. Money goes to satisfy fees, expenses for feeding and care. If a cash offer doesn’t come in, they say they’ll donate them to charity.

What’s in a name? Well, if you’re told your address is changing names, a bit of inconvenience. County Commission members were told at their meeting this week that 911 codes require a change in name for the original, Phase I end of the Parkway from Highway 27 to the 90-degree turn. 911 codes require that a road be contiguous to maintain the same name, and when the Phase 3 extension opens to the north, the “odd duck out” at that intersection will be the road west toward 27. The Commission tentatively votes to rename that strip Schumacher Road, but that could well change before anyone gets new address labels.

Avon Park has annexed a LOT of land in recent years, much of it along Highway 27 south of town. The city’s zoning board is holding a meeting next Tuesday to start the process of deciding what to do with that land. About 15 parcels of land, most along Highway 27, have been slated to be re-zoned “Highway Commercial” and another dozen to “General Commercial” zoning. The meeting is set for 5:30 in the City Council Chambers on Pine Street.