News Headlines Thursday, 11-14-19

It’s mid-November, and that means two traditions in Highlands County are asking for help. One is the Highlands Radio Group’s Annual Thanksgiving in The Heartland drive for the New Testament Mission. WWOJ and Lite FM personalities will be set up today outside Avon Park Bingo, right off the corner of Highway 27 and Main Street in Avon Park, looking for donations of food, cash and blankets for the News Testament Mission. Word is that the pantry at the Mission is under stress after a busy summer and the need this year is as urgent – or more so – than ever. The Lite and OJ van will be there from 10am until 6pm today.

The other holiday need is for bell ringers for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle drive. They need folks to ring the bell at area retail hot spots beginning on November 29, and they’ll make it easier than ever this year – registration is online at Just enter your zip code, city and state, and select the locations and times you can help. The Salvation Army is still here – among its more visible proofs is the annual, free Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day. This year in addition to eat-in dining and fellowship, they’ll provide deliver meals when needed.

Once the deadline for applications passes tomorrow, one thing’s for certain – Avon Park has no shortage of applicants for the City Manager’s position made available when David Flowers left the job a couple months back. City officials say there’s over 100 names in the hopper – however, it looks like about 70% of ‘em are auto-replies from the online job search system the city used to post the job. The 30 or so candidates who’ve actually applied for the job will be submitted to a citizens’ committee for initial screening. That committee currently has eight members – one member has already resigned before the process begins.