News m 8/3/21

NEWS 8/3/21 BF

Highlands County commissioners this morning voted by a 4-1 margin voted to hike the fire assessment on residential, commercial and institutional properties seven present, with provisions to raise them as much as seven percent for each of the next five years.
The lone dissenting voted came from Arlene Tuck, who wanted to leave things the way they are for a year until a new fire chief is named. She got no second on her motion.

Residents may see a large law enforcement presence today and tomorrow around Lake Placid Middle School. But take heart there’s not any kind of large problem – it’s just training for school resource deputies and officers.
Meanwhile, it looks like the Highlands County School system has pulled the plug on a long list of schools that were slated to have open houses this Thursday, August 5th. Most of the orientations will be held virtually – with just a few exceptions.

Sebring police say they again are having problems with sight seers and others breaking into the Kenilworth Lodge. The historic hotel has been shut down for several years following a dispute over the sprinkler system there.
Apparently, some explorers have broken in to take pictures of the place – which is tresspassing. The owners of the hotel have taken a “zero tolerance” stance on violators, and they are proactively pursuing charges against people found inside the place illegally.
Authorities are warning interlopers to stay off the property, and stay out of the hotel. Those caught will face criminal prosecution.

At least two people were injured yesterday afternoon when a couple of vehicles came together on Highway 27. The mishap occurred when a pickup hit a van near the intersection of Orange Boulevard near the RaceTrack gas station south of Sebring.
Two people were taken from the scene by ambulance – no other details are available.