News Update for 11/14/23

Many people look outside to see the rocket launches from Cape Canaveral. Locally, lots of folks keep their eyes to the skies to see military aircraft practicing at the Avon Park Bombing Range.
Air Force officials say they’ll be holding exercises all this week at the facility. Sorties will run from early morning until late in the evening. Volume levels reportedly will be high.
No word as to who will be using the range.

There will be a lot of activity at the Highlands County Fairgrounds as local third graders get an opportunity to lear about the agricultural underpinnings of Highlands County. Education stations range from Aligators to Beef, Caladiums, Citrus, Dairy and more.
All public, private, and home school third graders are included in the program. You’ll see a lot of red, blue and green cowboy hats – to distinguish which local community they represent.

Avon Park city council members sawed through a three hour meeting last night. Most of the session revolved around special events and the level of involvement by the city.
At the behest of councilman Jim Barnard, the board voted to up the event donation fund from $12,000 to $15,000. They also voted to set aside another $10,000 to help pay for in-kind services such as road closures and trash collections for events.
City Manager Mark Schrader revealed the city also has put out nearly $4,000 to purchase Christmas decorations for the City of Charm.

It’s been a long hard road for the City of Avon Park in their quest to turn over operation of their airport to Florida Airport Management. However, City Manager Mark Schrader says after a productive meeting with the Federal Aviation Administration in Atlanta, the city is ready to move foreward.
Council members have approved a special November 30th meeting to tie up a contract and federal grant to help pay for the process. Under terms of the pact, FAM will pay $84,000 a year to run the facility. When fully functional, they say the payment could balloon to as much as $200,000 annually.

Hardee County Sheriff’s officials say they recently have had an increase in 911 hang up calls. Officials say dispatchers take every 911 call seriously, and must track down the calls.
That takes time and effort and can place units unavailable for other calls.
They ask parents NOT to allow children to play with cell phones. If the phone has battery power, it can call 911 even without active service.
If you accidentally call 911, DO NOT hang up, and If you do, please answer when dispatechers call back., Simply explain the accidental dial.
Also, pay attention to smart watches, OnStar, and other emergency alert devices – which can send alerts.