News Update for 12/29/22

Well, it appears Christmas is over, gas prices have made a jump across Highlands County. The hike ranges from 10 to 20-cents depending on the staring point.
The operative price for a gallon of unleaded petrol apparently has landed at $3.09 at most stations here.

As people begin to strike their holiday decorations, officials from the Florida Forest Service are expressing concerns about old Christmas trees. They are asking people to use caution.
Dry limbs and needles from discarded Christmas trees, they say, can quickly become fuel for a dangerous wildfire.
In Highlands County, those trees would be put out with yard waste. For those who choose to burn their Christmas tree, they say know the law before burning outdoors.

Thanks to a Lakeland couple’s decision to get a new toilet, a Polk County woman has her long-lost engagement ring back.
Shaina Day accidentally flushed the ring down the toilet at her in-law’s house 20 years ago. She thought it was gone forever, but last month, it was found when her in-laws were getting a new toilet installed.
The plumber unhooked the commode and dumped it in the tub to get the excess water out. That’s when the ring fell out.
It turns out the ring had been stuck in a toilet pipe all these years. Shaina’s in-laws didn’t tell her or her husband. Instead, they wrapped the ring and surprised them with it for Christmas.
Shaina says it was absolutely amazing, and Nick says it brought tears to their eyes.