News Update for 2/24/22

Afraid of being replaced by a machine – well, it appears in Highlands County the odds are pretty good. A new study by Commodity dot com indicate 47.2-percent of the workers in the Sebring Metro area are at high risk for automation. The survey says lo skilled, repetitive jobs – especially in the food service industry – are being targeted.
Nationally, the number stands at just under 42-percent of workers who might loose their employment to a machine. By the way, over 21-percent of workers are at medium risk. Only about 30-percent of local workers ended up in the low-risk category.

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say they have made an arrest in connection with the death of a local woman. Her body was discovered behind the Advance Auto Parts location in the City of Charm Tuesday.
50-year-old Carlos Martinez now has been charged with second degree murder in connection with the incident. He has been booked into the Highlands County jail.
Authorities still have not released the woman’s name or cause of death. Apparently her next of kin has not yet been notified.

An incident at Sun ‘N Lake Elementary School yesterday caused some tense moments. Reportedly, a student brought a paintball gun to the facility. After he reportedly showed it around for a while, school officials were notified.
They found the student, and what turned out to be a non-functioning, unloaded paintball gun. No word on what happened to the student. Authorities say despite the hubub, there was never any danger at any time to youngsters there.