News Update for 3/9/23

It’s that time of year again, things have dried out and the chance of wildfires has increased significantly. State Road 62 was closed between Polk Rd and US HWY 17 in Hardee County yesterday as units there had to extinguish a large, smokey brush fire.
Local officials warn motorists to be cautious driving through or parking in dry grass that could ignite due to hot automotive parts. Also, keep any combustibles – such as cigarettes and ashes – inside the vehicle.

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials say a couple of local residents recently got taken in the so-called grandparent scam. The victims were told that their grandkids were in jail and needed bond money.
One caller claimed to be an attorney, the other a bondsmen. Both victims got the cash, which was then picked up by a third person.
It was only after the cash was gone that the victims called family members and learned the grandchild was not in jail.
Authorities remind residents, if you get a call like this, ask for details, then check with family members first to determine if your relative is even in the place where the callers claim.
And never give out personal information or cash based on a phone call.