News Update for 4/15/21

NEWS 4/15/21 BF

The Avon Park city council has taken another step toward selling the Brickell building. They passed on first reading, a measure that would change the zoning of the structure to a “planned unit development.” The action will allow for more housing units inside the Main Street structure.
While council plans to sell off the two-story landmark, they will be holding onto the adjacent parking lot, in an effort to provide for more public parking downtown in the City of Charm.

NEWS 4/14/21 BF

More local students are picking up honorariums. Three Highlands County youngsters who qualified to participate in the 66th Annual Florida Science & Engineering Fair received awards and recognition.
Sebring High’s Camila Rimoldi-Ibanez netted a $1,000 scholarship in the Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry division. Two Hill-Gustat Middle School students also placed. Meredith Reser scored in the Engineering category with Elisa Virkler getting a ribbon in the Behavioral & Social Sciences category.

NEWS 4/15/21 BF

It’s getting warmer outside, which means more activity by snakes. Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman is asking residents who see their slithering neighbors not to kill them, but to call police.
Yes, that includes poisionous shakes.
Yesterday, Animal Services Officer Brandon Owens apprehended a large rattlesnake on Andalusia Street in Sebring. The snake was taken to a local facility where its venom can be milked to be used to make antivenom.

New Highlands County state legislator Kaylee Tuck is getting a baptism by fire over her first piece of legislation. The measure would mandate biological boys compete against biological boys and biological girls compete against each other in sports.
The bill passed the house 77-40.
Tuck argues that House Bil 1475 doesn’t ban transgender students from participating in sports but simply asks that they play based on their biological gender.
The measure now will go to the Florida Senate for reconciliation. The Senate has a similar bill that differs from the House measure.