News Update for 4/21/22

If you work in Sebring, apparently chances are pretty good you could be replaced by a machine. A new study by Commodity dot com shows that nearly half the workers in the Sebring metro area are candidates.
In fact, just over 47-percent are at high risk of being replaced. nearly 22-percent are at medium risk with about a third of current workers considered at low risk.
It’s higher than the national average, where just over 40-percent of workers are at a high risk of having their jobs done by a machine.

Apparently, there are a lot of parents and citizens who are interested in helping to determine what kind of sex education will be given to local students.
So much in fact, that based on the high level of interest in serving on what school officials are calling "the Health Curriculum Review Committee," Superintendent of Schools Brenda Longshore has increased the number of members.
The committee now will consist of eight educators, eight parents of students enrolled in public school, eight community members – plus the School Board Chairman.
Applications still are available online at the Highlands County School Board website, Longshore herself will pick the board members based on those who apply.