News Update for 5/1/23

It appears the spring infestation of love bugs is getting started locally. Reports are coming in about seeing the initial blush of the bugs – flying united – this past weekend. It’s unclear how many will be around this time – and how long the season might last. However, dry weather may keep the population down.
Residents are reminded to keep the bug residue off their cars – as it may hurt the finish. Apparently, they are drawn by auto exhaust – so they will be around the roadways.

You may have seen an orange fireball in the sky last night. That was the Falcon Heavy rocket launched at Cape Canaveral by SpaceX.
The launch originally had been set for last Wednesday, but weather and other issues caused plans to change. It was carrying communications satellites to geostationary orbit.
Blastoff and watching the rocket could easily be seen from Highlands and Polk counties.

It should be a short meeting for Frostproof city council members this evening. The only agenda’d items are a lighting maintenece agreement and some wastewater treatment issues.
At a special meeting last week, the council got together to discuss the issuing of permits to park at Lake Clinch. That, in an effort to relieve overcrowding at the popular municipal beach there.

A man is custody after a shooting in Polk County. Three people, all males, including a minor, were hurt in Saturday night’s shooting in Auburndale at a home on Allred Drive.
Police have arrested Xavier Rakim Roberts. The 26-year-old is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
Authorities say an ongoing neighborhood feud led to the shooting.
One victim was an innocent bystander. One victim has been released from the hospital. The other two are still hospitalized but police say they’re in good condition.

There was a big birthday celebration yesterday at the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula. Bubbles the Chimp has turned 40 years old. Bubbles might best be known as the former companion of the late "King of Pop" Michael Jackson.
Officials at the center say Bubbles got an "ape-healthy" birthday cake made with bannanas and blueberries. Bubbles has been a resident of the sanctuary since 2005.
In his retirement, Bubbles has become the dominant ape in his group, and enjoys painting.