News Update for 5/10/24

There’s been a shooting in Highlands County. This one happened on West Ruth Street in Avon Park about 10:30 last night. According to reports, the victim had to be airlifted out to a trauma center. He’s listed in "stable" condition.
A suspect in the case has been arrested. So far, no names have been released. Sheriff’s detectives currently are trying to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident.

According to reports, one of the new features on the Historic Circle in downtown Sebring already has been vandalized. One of the stantions on the new gazebo has been broken – it remains unclear how it occured. Witnesses speculate it could have been a tire that broke the foot loose.
The gazebo is one of a number of new features that have been added to the circle as part of a downtown makeover. Others include permanent cornhole goals and a ping pong table. The new items have met with mixed reviews on social media.

Tragedy for some FFA students in Lake Wales. According to reports, a pack of dogs tunneled under the fence at Bok Academy North, and ravaged nearly 30 show animals being kept there.
Killed were rabbits, chickens, and baby chicks. School officials say the canines actually ripped the cages open to attack and kill the animals. They say it could have been worse, but a janitor heard the commotion and drove the dogs off.

Today is the last day on the job for Highlands County Director of Critical Infrastructure, Gator Howerton. It’s also the last day at the Highlands Radio Group for Barry Foster, after working for stations in the group for nearly four decades, Foster says, it’s time to move on.
Bethany Fountain will be taking over news duties for the radio group.