News Update for 5/19/21

Highlands County commissioners yesterday voted to give Waste Connections their day in court. Highlands County Administrator Randy Vossburg has charged that the firm is a “habitual violator” and in a condition of “irredeemable default. That’s something the company denies.
Commissioners say they want to hear both sides before taking any action.
Residents of Venus also came forward yesterday, telling commissioners they want their clubhouse back, Reportedly, the facility has been taken over by the fire rescue service – that’s something it was not designed for.
Commissioners say they want a report as to how to get that building back to its intended purposes.

The annual county tire buy-back program has been suspended. The program paid two bucks apiece for used passenger car tires. The county had them ground up and used for cover at the landfill and in place of rock.
However, there’ also a downside. Highlands County Engineer Gator Howerton says the tires have been involved in fires – and may have even caused some.
The landfill still will take old tires at no charge, and residents can put out up to six tires a year for pick-up.

Two people reportedly have been killed in a Lake Wales traffic crash. Polk County Sheriff’s authorities say a pick-up went out of control on Highway 60 near West Lake Wales Road and rolled over.
No names or other details on the accident have yet been released.