News Update for 5/3/21

Following the departure of Kim Gay, Avon Park has an interim city clerk. Finance Director Danielle Phillips has taken over clerk duties until a permanent replacement can be found.

The Frostproof city council will have their eye on Independence Day when they meet in regular session. The town, known for its special events, will be making plans for “Lake Day” which will be held July 4th.
In other action, council members will look at a rezoning issue and take care of an emergency repair bill to the Lake Clinch Drainage Seawall.

A three month investigation by Polk County Sheriff’s detectives has uncovered extensive drug activities allegedly conducted by an inmate in federal prison in Georgia.
It all began with a woman who reportedly was mailed some 2500 Xanax pills from Canada. Later, a second woman delivered 26 pounds of methamphetamine into Imperial Polk from Stone Mountain, Georgia.
To date, Polk County authorities have arrested a half dozen people in connection with the case, which reportedly has been traced back to the Juarez Mexican Drug Cartel. It is described as a brutally violent organization known for its targeted executions and violence.
Authorities say the investigation is continuing.

A pair of scuba divers have unearthed a giant prehistoric bone from the Peace River. The find came near Arcadia is is believed to be the remnants of a Colombian Mammoth – and could date back to the Ice Age.
Amateur paleontologists Derek Demeter and Henry Sadler have found other pieces, but they say the 100,000 year old bone has been their biggest find. During the same dive, the pair reportedly discovered a tooth of a saber-tooth tiger and a long-extinct shark.