News Update for 6/17/21

Good news and bad news for local plumbers. A new survey by Construction Coverage shows that plumbers in the Sebring-Avon Park metro area earn more than the average worker – but the area ranks in the bottom 20 for wages.
Locally, plumbers earn just over $38,000 a year – that’s better than the nearly $32,000 for other workers on the average. But that’s still way below the national average of nearly $42,000 a year annually.

It should be a packed house tonight as the Sebring city council and Community Redevelopment Agency hold a joint session at the Jack Stroup Civic Center. At issue are waterfront design plans that could see the destruction of a number of buildings in an effort to create a giant public beach area.
There has been pushback, most notably from the Highlands Art League and the Sebring Historical Society. The meeting will commence this evening at 5:30.

It looks like treasure hunters will be descending on Avon Park. Council members in the City of Charm have agreed to ink a contract that will permit a Geocaching event to be held in the area of Lake Tulane.
As part of the program. participants are given coordinates that send them to a small hidden box that contains trinkets where they take one and replace it with something else.
The searchers then find a clue that will send them on their way to the next Geocach. It was unclear when the event will be held.