News Update for 8/20/21

Officials in Highlands and Polk counties are calling on residents to take it easy on dialing 9-1-1. Apparently, there has been an increase in numbers of those calling the emergency line to report coronavirus cases.
While those may be severe, authorities say the 9-1-1 number should be used only for immediate situations such as fires, auto crashes, severe injuries or medical situations needing an ambulance, medics and the like.
Emergency crews reportedly have been slammed over the past few weeks with a myriad of calls.

A traffic stop resulted in a drug bust for Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies. During the stop, a sheriff’s K-9 unit, Deputy K-9 Lady, alerted to the possible presence of narcotics in the car.
A subsequent search reportedly found 200 grams of methamphetamine in the vehicle. Arrested were 44-year-old Corey Randolph Nettles and 40-year-old Robert Lee Nettles – both of Lake Placid.
They face drug trafficking counts as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.

Highlands County got a twofer earlier this week, as county commissioners voted to sell off 574 surplus properties. The action both puts the lots back on the tax rolls, but also brought $3.4 million dollars in sales revenue.
Reportedly, the transaction is one of the largest in county history. In all, there were 3100 bids received. Nevertheless there were 28 properties that did not sell.
After County Commission Chair Scott Kirouac said he was not looking forward to signing 574 deeds, commissioners turned that task over to Highlands County Administrator Randy Vossburg.

It appears the Highlands County School Board will be getting an additional $360,000 from a court settlement. However, that fell far short of the $2 million dollars for which they had been hoping.
School Board Attorney John McClure did not reveal details of the case, other than to say, after mediation, what he thought would be a strong case turned out not to be as stout as he had hoped.
He called the settlement a “best case scenario.” It was approved by the board without comment.

The city of Sebring will be getting a new councilman today. Roland Bishop will be taking the oath of office at the council chambers at 2:00 this afternoon. Bishop was selected by the council to fill the seat vacated by Curt Ivy.
Ivy reportedly moved outside the city limits disallowing him from continuing to serve. Bishop is the grandson of former Highlands County Superintendent of Schools Ruth Handley.