News Update for 8/27/21

Avon Park city council members will be taking a rather aromatic tour over the next week or so. They have been invited out to the city’s wastewater treatment facility to see why staff has been asking for a new headworks to be installed there. The request was made by former Public Works Director Rick Whalen – who since has left the city.
His replacement, Rick Weed, told council members that the equipment is needed to filter out sand, which is grinding down much of the machinery at the facility.

Officials of Visit Sebring say they have taken the Citrus Golf Trail Open up a notch with $25,000 in sponsorship money. The tournament now is part of the Minor League Golf Tour – making it a professional event.
The 54-hole tournament on the Deer Run course at Sun ‘N Lake has been set for November, and will represent the last stop on the tour.

Officials in Polk county are warning residents there to look out for a potential scam. They say mailers are being received for a free water inspection – however, they say that the missives have no affiliation with Polk County Utilities or any of the public water companies there.
Authorities say that Polk Utilities are required to meet primary and secondary EPA standards – and the Polk water already exceeds those mandates. They say the mailers appear to be from a company in the business of selling water filtering equipment.