News Update for 9/20/21

Apparently there’s a new challenge on the social media platform “TikTok” that is impacting the Highlands County school system. Dubbed “devious licks” the trend apparently involves students posting videos that show them stealing, damaging or showing off items taken from schools.
Lake Placid and Sebring high schools reportedly have been hit. Students in some schools have had their mobility restricted during school hours, and have been warned that if caught vandalizing school facilities, criminal charges will be pursued.
The TikTok social networking service is owned by Chinese company ByteDance.

More problems for the southside of Avon Park. This time it’s with illegal drivers. Avon Park city councilwoman Shirley Johnson asked Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman if his units could crack down on unlicensed vehicles, which she said have been “running wild” in the southside.
The request came during contract negotiations for the sheriff’s office to continue providing law enforcement in the city of charm.
Johnson said it involves 4-wheelers, dirt bikes and even golf carts – some operated by underage drivers.

Agricultural workers in Highlands County are earning less than the national average. At least, that’s what a survey from says. The report includes those working in the farming, fishing and forestry sectors, earn a median $28,540 dollars a year – when adjusted for the cost of living. That compares to the national adjusted average of $29,670 annually.
That’s about 13-percent below the national figures. Officials from say 450 workers in the Sebring area were surveyed for the report.

The Frostproof city council will have quite a bit of business to take care of when they get together in regular session this evening. First, they will work on expanding “The Friendly City” through annexation. They first will vote on accepting more than 13 acres of property known as the “Crooked Lake Habitat.” They then will decide on another request to annex nearly five more acres slated for future development.
In other action, the council will look at re-instating residential and commercial impact fees for new construction in Frostproof.