News Update for 9/23/21

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials no longer are looking for Taureaun Thompson. The 25-year-old Thompson reportedly turned himself in to authorities last night. He had been sought on attempted homicide charges in connection with a shooting incident in Avon Park back on September 11th.
Thompson has been booked into the Highlands County jail.

Highlands County School officials released a new Emergency Rule yesterday. The measure brings a change to their current quarantine procedures. Parents or legal guardians of children who are known to have been exposed to COVID now may allow their child to attend school and school activities as long as the child has no symptoms. They also may choose to quarantine their child for no longer than seven days.
The change will allow any child currently in quarantine that is showing no symptoms, to return to classes beginning today.

Crews from Highlands County Emergency Management and Road & Bridge were busy yesterday taking a look at damage done to local streets due to the amounts of rain received earlier this week. They found a number of issues including a section of Maxanna Boulevard south of Sebring and Claremont Avenue in Placid Lakes. Both have been closed for repairs.
County officials are asking for help from citizens in locating other areas that were damaged by flooding. They caution residents not to drive through standing water across roadways.

By the way, you may see some traffic congestion in Lake Placid and at the south end of the Sebring Parkway today. That’s because two of the three WaWa stores officially opened this morning.
The Avon Park location across from Sun ‘N Lake is supposed to open October 7th.
The feeding frenzy of food and gas is expected to last several days while residents get an opportunity for an imitial visit.