news Update for 8/17/18

Volunteers from the Lake Placid, Desoto City, Placid Lakes and Sun N Lake fire departments – as well as the Highlands County EMS and Fire Services turned out yesterday to extinguish a blaze at the Tower Plaza in Lake Placid. Despite a heat index of better than 105-degrees there were no injuries reported. Authorities say

News Update for 8/16/18

Director of Transportation for the Highlands County Schools, David Solomon, has respoded to reports of an incident where a trio of school children were left off better than two miles from their appointed bus stop. Calling it “confusion on everyone’s part,” Solomon said the bus driver will recieve a letter of warning and will have

News Update for 8/15/18

Sebring police are on the lookout for a full sized Florida black bear. It first was spotted near the Sebring Baptist Church on Pine Street around 1:00 this morning. Officers chased it through a nearby residential area, lost track, then found it again at the Sebring Middle School. They now believe it went over the

News Update for 8/14/18

It appears Florida Hospital soon will be going by a new name – Adventest Health System. Officials say it is a change that will be reflected across their 1,000 care facilities. The local hospital reportedly will be known as AdventHealth Heartland. The change reportedly not the result of a merger or change of ownership –

News Update for 8/13/18

It was back to school today for thousands of youngsters across Highlands County and – so far – no major incidents have been reported. Highlands County school officials are cautioning motorists to drive carefully and to observe posted limits in school zones. Drivers also are warned to watch for youngsters walking or bicycling on their

News Update for 8/10/18

After appearing several times before the Sebring city council and sending a letter to the Highlands County Fairgrounds, officials of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have announced that the Loomis Brothers Circus has cancelled their appearances in Highlands County. At issue were the elephant and tiger acts, which PETA officials alleged were

News Update for 8/9/18

A West Sebring firefighter is being hailed as a hero, after rescuing a baby from a potentially life-threatening situation. According to reports, Francisco Olivero Jr was headed with his family to Sun N’ Lake Elementary School for a student orientation session, when he noticed what appeared to be a small child in the back seat

News Update for 8/8/18

Three people were seriously injured yesterday morning when two vehicles collided north of Avon Park. Florida Highway Patrol reports indicate a car driven by 64-year-old Mirella Theilves Graveran ran a stop sign at the intersection of North Oleander Drive and Taunton Road, and hit an SUV driven by Maribel Toscano. The force of impact caused

News Update for 8/7/18

It appears that the equestrian bridge on Vaughn Road will be restored – but it will be the last time the county will do it. At their meeting this morning, Highlands County commissioners voted to restore the deck of the structure, then to vacate the right of way and let Highlands Hammock State Park take

News Update for 8/6/18

If you think there have been more planes flying around the area, you’re right. Officials at the Avon Park Air Force Range have announced there will be increased night and weekend traffic here for the next couple of weeks. Officials at the bombing range have not released the name of the exercise, who will be