News Updater for 9/19/19

Residents on the Avon Park municipal water system remain under a boil water notice today. The order follows the break of a 12-inch main on the south side yesterday. It affected residents citywide and as far north as River Greens. Avon Park City Manager David Flowers says at this point, it appears that there simply

News Update for 9/18/19

Hundreds of customers woke up without water in Avon Park this morning. A 12″ water main break left most of the City of Charm – and surrounding areas dry. Avon Park City Manager David Flowers says crews are working to get the problem remedied. So fat, what caused the break. The customers on the system

News Update for 9/17/19

Highlands County commissioners took another step today in building the government-run fire service here. They approved taking out a $5.5 million dollar note. That money is slated to be used for building fire stations, purchasing vehicles and equipment. In other action, the commission will look at a $147,000 contract with Casey Hartt to run the

News Update for 9/13/19

It was a contentious Avon Park city council meeting last night with allegations, name-calling and finger-pointing. The purpose of the special meeting was to work on the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Among other things, the council voted to re-instate the fire assessment with a 40-percent increase. That will allow them to hire two

News Update for 9/12/19

Monday night Avon Park city council members gave tentative approval to a budget and a millage rate for the upcoming fiscal year, but it’s far from over. After more than two hours of wrangling, the council decided to hold a special meeting to work on it some more. That will be tonight at 6:00. Among

News Update for 9/11/19

Marijuana dispensaries soon may be coming to Avon Park. City council members there have given the go-ahead to provisions that will allow pot dispensaries in the City of Charm. They will be treated much the same as pharmacies, however, there will be setback requirements from schools and some restrictions on the hours of operations. Avon

News Update for 9/10/19

Avon Park city council members spent more than half of their four hour meeting last night struggling with minutiae in their proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Following the two and a half hours of wrangling, they voted to have a special meeting on Thursday evening to go at it again. Council members hammered

News Update for 9/9/19

Highlands County sheriff’s officials reportedly have found a 32-year-old Sebring woman who had been reported as missing. Angela Christine Robinson had last been seen yesterday walking along Twitty Road carrying her Bible. She reportedly then disappeared, but returned home today. No explanation as to her whereabouts has been given. Sheriff’s officials say only now that

News Update for 9/6/19

Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies were busy overninght. Reportedly, there was a home invasion incident in Avon Park during the early morning hours. Authorities say it occurred at a home on Willie Avenue on the Southside of the City of Charm. According to reports, four suspects forced their way into a home shortly before 1:AM. They

News Update 9/5/19

It was back to school today for thousands of Highlands County students. Classes resumed after three days off. The regular Labor Day holiday was extended due to the threat of Hurricane Dorian. Motorists are reminded to exercise additional caution around school zones – and to watch for children riding bicycles or walking home from schools.