Local News 10-18-22

The State Patrol has released some details from that Sunday night fatality on Sparta Road just past 8pm. According to investigators, a pickup truck driven by a 43-year old man from Wauchula was driving down Sparta Road at the sharp turns near Orday Road when one of his two passengers – a 38 year old Port Charlotte woman – somehow fell out of the open rear window of the truck while the vehicle was in motion. She was struck by the side of the vehicle as she fell onto Sparta Road and pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. A second passenger, a 45 year old man from Wauchula, wasn’t injured. The FHP didn’t release the names involved and continues to investigate.

It’s a tough job running Avon Park, and the City Council wants more cash to do it. The Council held the first reading of a new ordinance at its last meeting raising the pay for City Council members from $760.20 a month to $867 a month, plus $25 extra for each meeting they attend. The Council also wants to include Council members and the Mayor in the city’s insurance program. The Mayor’s job would go up to $1,023 a month, plus the per meeting and insurance addition. For comparison’s sake, Sebring pays its Council members and Mayor a dollar a year plus $300 a month for expenses. Lake Placid’s a relative high-roller, paying its Council a hundred bucks a month.

In time of need, help comes from your neighbors … if you can’t get through some storm cleanup tasks after the hurricane on your own, contact the Crisis Cleanup Line at 800-451-1954. The hotline is open through Friday, Oct. 28. Volunteers may be able to assist with: Cutting fallen trees, emergency Drywall, flooring & appliance removal. Service is free but not guaranteed – they’re getting tons of calls.

This news may merit fireworks – Duke Energy wants to lower your power bill! The utility has filed a petition with the state to pass on savings from solar production tax credits back to customers in the form of a rate reduction of around $1.90 per thousand kilowatt hours on your bill, starting in January.