Local News 10-20-22

It’s going to be cool out for the next couple nights, and that means a few space heaters may get pulled out of mothballs for the first time in months. County Firefighters remind you if you need to use one, keep that heater on a solid, flat surface … away from foot traffic and keep ‘em three feet away from other surfaces. And turn ‘em off when you go to bed – an extra blanket beats a fire any day.

If you’re wondering how our elections are kept so clean here in the County, here’s a chance to watch and learn something. Supervisor of Elections Karen Healey’s office will be doing their pre-election testing of voting machines today at the Operations Center at 10am … pre-marked ballots will be fed through the machines and the count compared to what the test ballots SHOULD show. The testing is open to the public. After verification, the machines are sealed and secured until use on Election Day or during Early Voting – THAT starts next Thursday.

There’s a new scam showing in your mailbox … certified mail has been showing up some local mailboxes with a bill from Paypal or another reputable financial concern. If you actually DO have an account with the company they’re pretending to be and it doesn’t look right, don’t react to it. Call the company’s number off their OWN website instead of the number on the bill and doublecheck. Just because it comes “certified” doesn’t make it legit – it just means the scammers have more money than scruples.

A reminder – if you’re in tough times after the hurricane, Highlands County residents can pre-register for D-SNAP funds through this Sunday. Pre-registration is required for all applicants and can be done online at MyFLFamilies.com/DSNAP. AFTER pre-registration, applicants can call the D-SNAP Call Center for their phone interview today through Sunday. Phone interview times are based on the first letter of your last name. If you’re pre-registered, and your last name begins with A-F, they’ll be looking to hear from you today at 850-663-1919.

Travelling through Downtown Sebring may take a wee bit of planning Sunday, but hey – you’ll want to stop with the kids anyway. The Children’s Museum of the Highlands will hold a Pumpkin Patch Party on Sunday, from noon till 5:00 PM. North Ridgewood Drive will be closed for the event, and there will be some parking restrictions within the event area.