Local News Headlines 4-2-21

A busy day yesterday for Highlands County Fire Rescue units … seven stations’ personne; pitched in on a house fire on Durrance Street in the Leisure Lakes area just before 10 yesterday morning. The fire itself appeared to have started in the garage – nobody hurt there, but the home was badly damaged. Then, the afternoon was spent knocking a brushfire down east of Avon Park off North Isabelle Lake Road, where thick vegetation was up to sixty feet high.

Crews are out already this morning working a brush fire off Alpine Road, just south of the County Line north of Avon Park. The State Patrol says to expect smoke in the area.

If you just haven’t had time to make an appointment to get yourself vaccinated against the Covid bug, the County’s got a deal for you. Be one of the first 500 to show up at the Lakeshore Mall Point of distribution this afternoon beginning at 1pm, or one of the first thousand tomorrow beginning at 1pm. No appointment necessary, and if you’re over 40, you qualify. A reminder – if your vaccine card says you’re due for your SECOND dose, you can also show up with no appointment needed. Starting Monday, anyone over 18 can get into the system.

By the by, if you know of someone who’s homebound and can’t get to the Mall for a shot, they CAN come to you. Call 866-779-6121 to find out how to get scheduled for a home injection of the vaccine.

A cadet with Sebring High Schools Air Force Junior ROTC has received the Silver Valor Award. Ethan Neil was recognized for actions he took to protect a fellow cadet while she was knocked unconscious after hitting her head on the “Zipper” ride. Neil took action to prevent further injury until she came to. The Silver Valor Award is the second highest ROTC award for acts of heroism.