Local News Headlines 7-29-21

It won’t be long before school’s back in session, and this is the weekend to save a few bucks on school clothing and supplies. The annual “back to school” sales tax holiday begins Saturday amd runs ten days through August 9. Items like clothing, footwear and backpacks along with school supplies and personal computers under a varying dollar amounts will be sales-tax free during that period.

A Sebring woman fended off an attempted carjacking – and maybe worse – early Tuesday morning near the intersection of Oak Avenue and South Pine Streets. The woman was sitting in her car in a parking lot near the intersection about 2:25am when a couple male subjects approached the car. One brandished a firearm and ordered her out of the car. The second got in the passenger side of the car demanding her keys, phone and wallet. The victim got to a firearm in the car and after a scuffle and one shot fired, the two hoodie-wearing assailants fled the scene. Anyone with a doorbell cam or surveillance footage in the area are asked to please contact Sebring Police to help with the investigation.

With all the national coverage of that new strain of Covid-19 out, County Health officials want to remind you that yes, vaccines ARE still readily available in Highlands County. Most doctors offices have ‘em now, as do many drug stores and other locations listed on the county website. 150 new cases of the bug were reported here last week – 53% of the County’s population over 12 have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. The County’s Health Department offices are distributing the two-dose Moderna vaccine – that one IS reportedly effective against the current, “Delta” variant of the virus.