Local News Headlines 8-30-22

Sebring Police could use a hand in solving a suspicious weekend death. Cops were dispatched to a Walnut Street location just before 3:30 Sunday morning where a man was found lying on the side of the road … two subects took the man to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead. No names yet, and the cause of death is pending an autopsy, but if you know anything about a 28 year old shite male in distress in the neighborhood about that time, the Sebring Police would appreciate a call at 471-5108.

Highlands County deputies were forced to ram a Delray Beach man’s car Sunday night to end a high-speed pursuit that included a passenger jumping out of the guy’s car at high speed. Highlands County got word that a vehicle running from a traffic stop in Polk County had been headed our way; deputies picked up the trail Thunderbird Road in Sebring and began pursuit. 25-year-old Anthony D. Powell allegedly hit speeds over 90 mph, sometimes in the northbound lane of Highway 27 heading south. A 22-year-old female jumped out of the car around the intersection with Highway 98. She told deputies she felt her life was in danger. Powell was charged with a half dozen offenses, among others, DUI involving serious bodily injury and tossed in the lockup.

And on Saturday morning a motorcyclist was injured on Highway 27 North in Sebring near the Fairmount Square parking lot north of the Parkway – reportedly, a car pulled out of the shopping center entrance and hit the cyclist. No names have been released, injuries were said to be non-life threatening.

We’re into the “meat” of hurricane season by now, and there have only been three named storms so far – there IS a tropical wave and low out in the mid-Atlantic with a high probability of developing into Tropical Storm Danielle over the next few days. If Danielle takes her time and takes past tomorrow to turn into a cyclone, it’ll be a genuine oddity – a full month of August with no named storms in the Atlantic basin. Whatever happens, models currently have the storm swinging north and away from us as it passes Bermuda.

Highlands County’s School Board will meet again tonight, and the workshop session has the early-grades health curriculum on the agenda again. The board is expected to discuss sex education in the system and the encouragement of abstinence as the expected norm.

By the by, there are jobs in the school district – around 50 teaching jobs, as the District has been using that many and more subs to fill vacancies in the District’s teaching staff. How short are they? Superintendent Dr. Brenda Longshore is pitching in and serving as a substitute teacher once a month.