News for 5/29/18

Those looking for an afternoon Latte had better get it early, the Starbucks in Sebring will be shutting down at 2:30 this afternoon – joining locations across the country in a mass “sensitivity training” session.
The company took the action following an incident in its Philadelphia store, in which two black men were arrested.
Starbucks said the training for its 175,000 employees will be developed with guidance from experts including former attorney general for Barak Obama – Eric Holder.
It will also provide training materials for non-company workers at roughly 6,000 licensed Starbucks cafes that will remain open in locations such as grocery stores and airports.

The body of an Air Force colonel is returning home to Polk County more than 50 years after his plane was shot down over Vietnam. Col. Peter J. Stewart died March 15, 1966, when his F-4C Phantom jet was shot down. However, the 48-year-old’s remains were not identified until last month.
His son, Jim Stewart, says the news has been bittersweet. He said knowing his father died quickly instead of languishing as a prisoner of war has brought the family some solace.
Stewart’s remains will be flown to Tampa on June 16. His family will then hold a memorial service and a funeral mass in Winter Haven.
According to Dan Penzien, president of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1040, Stewart is the first missing Vietnam veteran from Polk County identified in more than 20 years.

Two police officers in Polk County were injured by a knife-wielding man in a wheelchair. Emmanuel Ruiz Mejia is charged with cutting two Winter Haven police officers who responded to a disturbance at a bar Friday.
Police say they removed a sword-like knife strapped to the back of the 29-year-old Mejia’s wheelchair, but Mejia refused to show officers both his hands and kept one hand under him. Mejia reportedly produced a large knife when an officer pulled out a stun gun.
One officer was cut when they tackled Mejia, trying to get the knife. Police say the stun gun was used on Mejia, who then picked the knife up and threw it at the other officer. Neither officer was seriously injured.