News Update 1/16/18

New Avon Park City Manager David Flowers has been on the job just a little over a week now. Among his many tasks, he has been working to fill positions left vacant under his predecessors.
Flowers now has announced that he has reached an agreement to hire a new Financial Officer. Ricky Helms will take the job on a part-time basis. Helms formerly was an award-winning head of the Highlands County office of Budget & Management and served a stint as Highlands County Administrator.

In the market for a new pet? Highlands County Animal Service will be looking to divest themselves of some livestock this morning. They will he holding an auction to do it.
Going on the block will be a number of pigs, hogs, geese, chickens and rabbits. Reportedly both Lt. Clay Kinslow and Aubra McAnally will be handling the gavel.
The auction is set to get underway at the animal services office on Haywood Taylor Blvd. at 10:00. Those interested in bidding will have an opportunity to view the animals beginning at 8:AM.

Members of the Highlands County School Board will wrap up their annual school walk thrus today. Board members will be inspecting facilities in Sebring and Avon Park.
Yesterday they were in the Lake Placid and south Sebring area to look at the condition of the schools. Reportedly, they are checking improvements made to the buildings, which several years ago were described as decrepit and falling apart.
A half-cent sales tax has been enacted to fund repairs systemwide.

At least one Avon Park city councilwoman is questioning the circumstances surrounding the departure of former city manager June Fisher. Maria Sutherland is contending that Fisher was overpaid for a number of items and she wants that money back.
By Sutherland’s calculations, the city is due $17,000 in reimbursement payments. City Attorney Gerald Buhr said it might be more like half that amount and has agreed to research the issue and report back to council on the matter.
Fisher was terminated, after offering her resignation.

The state of Florida is under a Tornado Watch today – but don’t worry, it’s only a drill. The National Weather Service is slated to issue a practice Tornado Warning this morning at 10:00 as part of its routine weekly test message.
It’s all part of severe weather awareness week. It began Monday with lightning awareness day and will end Friday with wildfire awareness. Tomorrow will be Flooding Awareness Day.