News Update 12/10/19

The Avon Park city council held their last scheduled meeting of the year last night with a long session. Among other things, they started work on a program to let motorists know they are entering the City of Charm. Councilwoman Brenda Gray called for signage on the new traffic circle south of the city – to let people know which exit to take to Avon Park.
Councilwoman Maria Sutherland noted that there were no such signs at the north or west entries to the city as well. It also appears that the southern monument sign also is well within the new city limits and might have to be moved.
In other action, the council voted to name Stanley Spurlock as deputy mayor.

The Highlands County school system is taking in more and more tax dollars for fewer and fewer students. Although enrollments are dwindling, the tax has netted $17 million dollars.
So far, the system has purchased a brace of air conditioned busses, computers for students, fences, gates and security monitoring systems.
This year’s opening student census was down by over 300 students. More youngsters are expected in, with the advent of the citrus harvesting season.

A couple allegedly stole a car from the Avon Park McDonald’s restaurant Friday, but they didn’t get far. According to reports, the victim called Sheriff’s officials after seeing her car drive out of the parking lot. Apparently, someone took the keys off the table.
A short time later, the white Lincoln Zephyr was seen at the Hilltop Chevron getting gas. There, deputies arrested 37-year-old JW Hicks and 19-year-old Samantha Ash. Both face numerous counts including grand theft auto, burglary and drug counts.
They were booked into the Highlands County jail.

The Tampa Police Department reportedly is having some fun mocking a banana ‘art piece’ that sold for over $100,000 in Miami last week with a display of their own.
Tampa’s finest piece of art work is on display at Tampa Police Department. Police officials boast that the city’s most elite artist, Chief Brian Dugan, called this a ‘one of a kind’ piece.”\
It’s a doughnut duct-taped to the wall.
The asking price starts at 200 grand.
The department is having a go at the banana duct taped to a wall ‘art work’ having sold for $120K at a Miami art show last week.