News Update 4/19/23

Highlands County commissioners yesterday discussed setting rules and fees for the operation of the concession stand at the Highlands County sports complex. Apparently, some residents have come forward, wanting to use the facility during certain events.
Efforts to get a vendor to operate the facility in the past have been largely unsuccessful – inasmuch as operators said it was unprofitable.
There will be different rates for profit and non-profit groups.

It appears that when it comes to credit card fraud, the Avon Park-Sebring metro area is pretty high on the list. A new Report by the firm "Upgraded Points" shows Highlands is 13th highest on a review of small metro areas in the United States.
The analysis found that there were 12.7-pecent credit card fraud reports per 10,000 residents here. That was up 104-percent over last year. The three year percentage was even worse, with nearly a 15-percent average of credit card fraud locally over the past three years.

Despite recent rains, Highlands County fire officials are warning residents this still is the dry season, and the chance for grassfires, brush fires and wildfires remains high. They recommend that residents take this opportunity to clean debris and flammable materials from their roofs and around their homes.
Authorities note that airborne embers from wildfires – and even controlled burns – can ignite fires in other places.
The five foot area around a house is known as the "fire ignition zone."
A burn ban remains in effect in Highlands County.