News Update for 1/19/22

The Sebring Parkway again is open after being closed all night. Florida Highway Patrol officials have been investigating a fatal traffic crash there. The incident happened about 9:30 last night at the intersection of the Parkway at Youth Care Lane.
According to witness reports, it was a car and a sport utility vehicle that collided. Several people were injured and as many as two people may have been killed in the incident.

Sebring firefighters were called to a home on Lake Sebring yesterday. Reportedly, they were able to contain the flames to a single room. There were no injuries, even the pets got out safely.
No cause or dollar damage estimate has been released.

Avon Park code enforcement officials are cleaning up the town. Despite having fewer code enforcement officers and the loss of their special magistrate, the code enforcement office registered a total of 1,158 actions last year in the City of Charm.
Code Enforcement Officer Randy Labelle noted the department picked up more than 700 illegally placed signs and handled 206 permit applications.
In the meantime, Avon Park officials say they still are looking to hire a Special Magistrate hear and rule on a long list of cases.

Highlands County Commissioners will get together for their first session of the new year this morning. Reportedly, they called off their January 4th session due to the lack of staff over the holiday season to prepare the agenda.
Among other things, the commissioners will look at approving a $10,000 purchase by the Tourist Development Commission to buy a TV package from Visit Florida. They estimate there’ll be more than a million impressions. We won’t see here – they figure we already know/
In other action, they’ll discuss spending $90.000 to construct pickelball courts in Spring Lake and mull over, selling better than 400 pieces of county-owned property. That’ll put them back on the tax rolls. The vast majority of the land is in the greater Sebring area.