News Update for 1/7/21

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials are warning residents about a Coronavirus scam. Residents reportedly are getting calls with an offer for in-home testing. Apparently, those making the calls have a lot of information about the recipients which makes them sound legitimate.
Authorities say there are no approved agencies in Highlands County to make such a solicitation. They say the Florida Department of Health is the only such agency and they don’t make those kinds of contacts.
Sheriff’s officials say it is never a good idea to let people into your home after such an unsolicited offer. They say anyone receiving such calls should notify the Highlands County Sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile, Highlands County authorities say all of the available vaccination appointment slots have been filled for this week. The portal has been closed. More appointments will be scheduled next Monday, January 11th starting at 8am.
Residents showing up for their shots are reminded they MUST have confirmation either by email or by telephone to be eligible for an inoculation.

Polk County Sheriffs officials say a Sebring woman hit a pedestrian who was walking along the road in Dundee. According to reports, 22-year-old Khalaya Clark was southbound on Dundee Road when she hit a man identified as 30-year-old Edward Bracewell of Winter Haven.
Bracewell reportedly was critically injured in the mishap and was taken to Lakeland Regional Hospital. Authorities say the area where the crash occurred has a 50 MPH speed limit, and is not illuminated with any artificial lighting. Bracewell was wearing dark clothing, and no reflective material.

Highlands County Sheriff’s officials are looking for the person or persons who drove their vehicle over the River Greens golf course. Apparently, it happened twice – once late last month and again last week. Apparently it was on the Eighth fairway.
River Greens officials say it constitutes thousands of dollars in damage and has caused them to close that hole until it can be repaired. They are offering a $700 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.