News Update for 10/2/19

Avon Park Mayor Garrett Anderson has called for a special city council meeting tomorrow night. The council is expected to suspend the hiring process and background check for Mark Schrader. They note the former Highlands County Undersheriff underwent that scrutiny when he applied for the city manager’s job last year.
Schrader yesterday accepted a nomination by the city council to act as interim city manager while they look for a person to take the job on a permanent basis.
The council also has put out a call for residents to serve on a citizen’s advisory committee to help with the hiring process. That seven member board is expected to be named at the council’s regular October 14th session.

In January, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 19-32, outlining a path for Florida to improve its education system – by eliminating Common Core and paving the way for Florida students to receive a world-class education to prepare them for jobs of the future.
This coming Monday, Florida Department of Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran and Chancellor Jacob Oliva will be visiting Highlands County as part of their state-wide tour to hear from the public about the Florida State Standards.
That session will be held at Sebring Middle School commons. Doors will open at 5:00.

There were some tense moments yesterday at the Highlands County Road and Bridge complex in Avon Park when a truck caught fire near the gas pumps there.
Reportedly, a City of Avon Park refuse truck had a malfunctioning hydraulic system that caught fire. Workers were able to extinguish the fire with a hand held dry-powder extinguisher before Avon Park fire department units arrived at the scene.
There were no injuries, and the fire loss is estimated around $5,000.