News Update for 10/5/23

When it comes to innovation, Highlands County might not be the spot. A new report from SmartDollar shows that the Sebring metro area didn’t make the top 100 in the survey. In fact, the area came it at 120 in the so-called composite innovation index. Locally we had a score of 58.8, with only 1.3-percent of the workforce in what were termed innovative jobs.
Innovative jobs are said to be those in science, technology, engineering and math. Cities that topped the list included Austin, Denver and Boston.

Traffic in downtown Sebring may be interrupted for a time this morning, as the Sebring High School Blue Streaks hold their annual Homecoming Parade.
The processional will begin at 9:30 at Sebring High, head up South Commerce then over to Pine Street to the Sebring Middle School. They’ll use the bus loop there to swing around and head back to the High School using the same path.
The parade is expected to take about an hour to complete.

If kids want their teachers to call them by a name other than the legal name that appears on their birth certificate, they’ll need a note from their parents. Highlands school officials say that comes from a state directive and parents have been notified.
So if a student would rather have teachers refer to them as "Chuck" instead of "Charles," or "Skip" instead of "Richard," they will need to have their parents file the paperwork with the school.
Apparently, the rule does not apply to classmates.

There’s a boil water notice in effect in Frostproof. Apparently, there was a water main break in the Friendly City yesterday. Officials say any water that would be used for consumption – including drinking, ice cubes, washing food or brushing teeth – should first be boiled to kill off any harmful bacteria.
So far there’s no indication as to how long the notice will be in effect.