News Update for 10/6/21

It appears a lot of stuff is going down the drain in Avon Park. Utilities Director Rick Reed told city council members that people have been flushing baby wipes, rags and other such things down the commode and gumming up the system. He said installing a new headworks at the municipal wastewater treatment plant would help to remove such debris before it becomes a problem.
In fact, the city was written up by the Department of Environmental Protection. Reportedly, the city can use money from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act to pay for the project.

A major shift for students is being planned for the Highlands County schools. Highlands County Superintendent of Schools Brenda Longshore has explained that kindergartners will be moved out of the KLC Learning Center and back to their zoned schools.
The Kindergarten learning center then will be filled with Pre-K classes, including the migrant pre-K program. The move also will allow for testing of 3-year-olds as part of the effort.

The last of the trio of WaWa stores will open tomorrow. The location, on Highway 27 across from AdVent Health of Sebring will have the same kinds of offers as the first two – including free coffee and free T-shirts for the first visitors.
The doors will open at 8:00 with a grand opening celebration at 9am. Reportedly, the first two stirs set chain-wide records as Highlands County residents turned out to welcome the new business.