News Update for 11/16/18

A tragic accident last night as a jet dragster driver was killed in an accident at the Sebring International Raceway. Track officials say 24-year-old Katrina Moller of Sarasota was making a run at the Thursday night drag races when the incident occurred.
Witnesses say it appeared she may have hit the wall.
The accident is being investigated by the Highlands County Sheriff’s office. They are asking anybody who saw the mishap or has video of it to contact them at 402-7200

The Highlands Radio Group’s Thanksgiving in the Heartland finished with a bang yesterday, Residents in Lake Placid donated more than $2,000 in cash and checks, with another van-full of non-perishable foodstuffs.
That makes for a total of nearly $3400 and three vans-full of canned and boxed goods for the New Testament Church & Mission to help the disadvantaged during the Holiday Season.

Highlands County’s Canvassing Board yesterday wrapped up the state-ordered machine recount in senatorial, gubenatorial and secretary of agriculture races. Highlands County Supervisor of Elections Penny Ogg said there were only incremental changes in the vote totals – and no new boxes of ballots were found here.
Nevertheless, their work is not done – the state has ordered a manual recount of the over and under-votes – in both the race for Senator and for Secretary of Agriculture.
That began this morning.

A motorcyclist reportedly was injured in an accidnt overnight. The mishap occurred just before midnight near the intersection of Kenilworth and Haywood Taylor Blvd. near the Sebring Regional Airport.
The victim told responding officers he had swerved to miss an animal and lost control of the bike. He reportedly was airlifted to a hospital.
No names have yet been released.