News Update for 11/17/23

When it comes to charitable giving, a new report says that the Sebring/Avon Park area is below the national average. The study by "Upgraded Points" indicates that among small US Metro areas, Highlands is 155th on the list.
The local numbers show that some 28-percent of taxpayers report charitable contributions, while the national average is nearly 33-percent. The analysis indicates the average amount contributed loccally by folks is over $1700.

The elf on the shelf will have to move over. Polk County officials have announded the "Sheriff on the Shelf" now is available. That’s correct – parents now can have their own crime-fighting, children watching stuffed Grady Judd – just in time for the holiday season.
Just like other shelf-dwelling elves, he will watch over children to make certain they are nice and not naughty. And, officials say, he can stay on after Christmas.
The Sheriff on the shelf is $20, with proceeds going to Polk Sheriff’s charitites. Sales are in-person and cash only.