News Update for 12/22/20

The city of Avon Park continues to limp along after being hit by the El Gregor computer virus. Reportedly, it is a ransom-ware attack, however, it remains unclear as to who did it and where it comes from. The only way out is to pay the ransom. Reportedly, it’s a substantial amount.
City officials say they have hired a third party information technology company to see if they can dislodge the bug. Authorities say it appears there have not been any leaks from the system to date.

Acting on a tip, Highlands County Sheriff’s deputies arrested four teenagers who apparently had been breaking into cars. The call about suspicious persons came into the North District with the activity and even descriptions of clothing. Within minutes, deputies located the four and reportedly recovered items believed to have been taken from local vehicles.
All four were were taken to the juvenile detention facility in Bartow. Sheriff’s officials recommend residents follow “The 9pm Routine” – making certain their houses and cars are locked up tight.

Officials in Hardee County have announced arrests in connection with a 2006 murder case. It was 14 years ago the body of Amber Woods was found along a Manatee County road.
Three brothers face charges in the case. Sheriff Rick Wells identified the men as 35-year-old Ralph Williams, 32-year-old Tyjuan Williams, and 37-year-old Jamaine Brown.
The case reportedly was solved using cellphone tracking analysis unavailable when the 16-yeqar-old was shot and killed. Second-degree murder charges have been filed against the Williams brothers. Brown, their half-brother, reportedly has pleaded no contest to being an accessory to murder after the fact.

Congressman Greg Steube, whose district includes Highlands County says he voted NO on the relief bill and wants constituents to know why.
Instead of addressing the economic suffering of Americans, Steube said Democrats have manipulated the process to force their radical agenda on the American people during a time of crisis.
He said the current bill fails to target the needs of citizens in our District and fails to bring much-needed relief to our fellow countrymen.
Steube said that by releasing the 5,000-page bill with only a couple hours to review, Democrats ran the clock down so debate and meaningful compromise was impossible.
Among other things, Steube pointed to the defunding if Immigration & Customs Enforcement, elements of the Green New Deal and the skyrocketing of federal spending.