News Update for 12/7/21

NEWS 12/7/21 BF

It’s foggy again this morning – in fact, it’s worse than yesterday. Officials at the Highlands County Schools Transportation Department say they have grounded the buses until visibility improves – there’s no word on when that might be.
Motorists are urged to slow down, use caution and their low beam headlights. At least one traffic incident already has been reported.

NEWS 12/7/21 BF

Following action by Governor Ron Desantis and reports of employee unrest, both local hospitals have suspended employee mandates to get the Coronavirus jab. Both facilities say the shot is strongly encouraged, but no longer will be mandated.
There had been reports of possible walk-outs by employees who have found fault with the inoculations, although hospital officials have issued assurances they are safe and effective.
While urging people to get the jab, Governor Desantis has opposed the idea of the mandatory programs.

NEWS 12/7/21 BF

Highlands County commissioners this morning voted to ink a marketing agreement with Maris, West and Baker to help show Highlands County as a great place for manufacturers, retailers and others.
Officials of the Economic Development Department said there will be no fiscal impact, inasmuch as the $50,000 annual price tag already is in their budget.
Meanwhile, the Tourist Development Council got the OK on a resolution for a $100,000 federal grant to support the TDC’s goal of a countywide outdoor recreation facility.

NEWS 12/7/21 BF

Today is December 7th, when Americans remember the 1941 Japanese sneak attack on the Pearl Harbor Naval base in Hawaii. The Sea Services Museum in Sebring is planning a noon special ceremony and display commemorating the 80th anniversary of the event where more than 2400 people were killed.
The Military Sea Services museum is located off Kenilworth Blvd. at Roseland Avenue.

NEWS 12/7/21 BF

The staff of Senator Marco Rubio will hold office hours today in Avon Park. The members of Rubio’s office will be at the Avon Park Library on Museum Avenue from 12:30 until 2:30 this afternoon taking comments and concerns for the Senator.
Appointments and tickets reportedly may be obtained on the internet through eventbrite.