News Update for 22 March 2022

Looking for a place where your dollar goes the farthest? A new survey by "Porch" says you might be in the right place. The cost of living in the Avon Park – Sebring metro area has been set 9.7-percent below the national average.
Numbers from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis’ 2020 Regional Price Parities database shows the local cost of goods at 4.5-percent under the national average, the cost of utilities at 5.7-percent below the national numbers and housing a whopping 28.6 percent below the national average.
Per capita income also lags behind. In Highlands it’s set at just over $37,000 a year – while the national average is about %9,500 annually.

One person was injured early this morning in a traffic accident in north Sebring. Police in the City on the Circle say a motorist was northbound on Highway 17, when an oncoming vehicle reportedly swerved into their lane.
The northbound car went off the road and slammed into a tree. The driver was transported to the hospital.

Local business owner who want to do business with Highlands County or other local government entities will have an opportunity today to learn the ins and outs, as county officials hold what they call a purchasing open house.
It will run from 9-11 this morning in the University Center at South Florida State College. Representatives from Highlands County government, City of Sebring, Town of Lake Placid, the Highlands County School Board, Spring Lake Improvement District and others will be there to explain how they take bids and conduct business.