News Update for 3/1/21

State Road 17 south of Avon Park was closed for a time this morning due to a fatal traffic crash. Reportedly, a pickup and a car collided head-on shortly before 7:20.
One person was killed, another was taken to the hospital. Florida Highway Patrol officials have released no other information on the incident.

Avon Park city council members will kick off the month of March with a special meeting. At issue this evening will be the hiring of a consultant and special legal council for the proposed lease of the Avon Park airport. A team from the Florida Airport Management Group has proposed that they take over operation of the the airport facility for 30 years.
In addition to running the fixed base operation for aircraft, they have proposed an extensive hemp-growing operation there.
Reportedly, three attorneys and two consultants will be up for review tonight.

Highlands County’s coronavirus vaccine point of distribution is poised to kick in to a four day schedule. Starting Wednesday, the doors at the old JC Penny location at the Lakeshore Mall will be open for inoculations Wednesdays thru Saturdays.
County officials say there will be a commensurate increase in the numbers of vaccines administered. To date, more than 12,000 shots have been given locally.
The county still is making appointments from their waiting list. Those wanting to get on the list may apply through the county’s internet web page.

Officials at the Highlands County Sheriff’s office are warning residents of an old scam making the rounds. If you get a call telling you if you don’t show up at the Sheriff’s Office you will be arrested – don’t worry you won’t. And you should not send money or gift cards anywhere.
Authorities assure residents, if they are wanted for arrest, deputies will stop by to see them.

New Florida State House Representative Kaylee Tuck has filed legislation on behalf of the girls. The measure is designed to ensure that womens’ and girls’ sports are supported under Title IX and that women and girls born as females can compete on a level playing field against their biological peers.
Tuck said she filed the measure because we cannot ignore that there are inherent biological differences between men and women.