News Update for 3/3/21

Once again a good portion of Lake Placid is unable to call 9-1-1 if they have an emergency. Officials of the Highlands County Sheriff’s office say they were notified last night by Centurylink authorities that some 780 customers in and around the Caladium Capital were without service.
It remains unclear whether they still could call the Sheriff’s Office business line.
Yesterday, there were 1,000 customers in the area without E-9-1-1 service. Officials at Centurylink have not indicated the nature of the problem.

A new report shows that startup companies are bringing jobs here. However, the report from Rootstock shows the greater Sebring-Avon Park area still is below average.
While the formation rate for new businesses locally is 6.2-percent, statewide, it’s better than 10-percent. Still, the survey says, it has brought nearly 400 new jobs here – that accounts for better than 15-percent of all new employment.
In case you’re interested, nationally, about 8-percent of the businesses were classified as start ups.

Highlands County officials are touting their local coronavirus inoculation effort. Highlands County Administrator Randy Vossburg says better than 11,000 residents have received their shots – that’s about 31-percent of those 65 and over here.
At this past Saturday event, workers reportedly injected some 2,701 individuals, which represents a new one-day record. Apparently new Florida House representative Kaylee Tuck stopped by. She has promised to intercede with Governor Ron Desantis to see if more vaccines might be allocated here.