News Update for 3/24/21

The city of Avon Park may soon become the city of Food Trucks – but not the city of transient merchants. City council members spent about an hour Monday evening outlining their desires for an ordnance that would allow food trucks and lunch wagons in the City of Charm. However, transient merchants with roadside goods such a rugs, flowers and other such merchandise would not be permitted.
Code Enforcement chief Randy Labelle told the council he would like to see teeth in any such regulations that would allow his department to toss offenders out of town.

Highlands County officials are trying to clear the air for those wanting their second coronavirus shot. They say the date on the card people received after their first inoculation is only the earliest date they are eligible to come back for their second round.
They urge folks who’s initial date is past, to come to the JC Penny site at the Lakeshore Mall between 8-5 today through Saturday. They need to have their photo ID, vaccination card that shows the Highlands County POD as their initial site and a completed consent form.

It appears the Highlands County Sheriff’s office is getting ready to crack down on illegal vehicles on local highways and byways. In a recent social media post, Sheriff’s officials noted there is no place in the county that riding All Terrain Vehicles on the road is permitted.
The only place such vehicles can run, is on private property with the owner’s permission. The Sheriff’s office has published their pamphlet on the issue of ATV’s and Golf Cards in an effort to make the rules clear.